Our Ladys Gift Shop – Ecommerce Catholic gifts

catholic giftsOne of our more interesting challenges was to construct an ecommerce website and blog for Our Ladys Gift Shop

This website was a great challenge for a number of reasons, with one of the main ones being that that customer themselves had held back from doing this for many years. Getting to know the product range and the specific requirements needed for this customer to be able to manage their online prescence in its various forms took both us and the customers down some strange paths.


Army Surplus Online – Ecommerce

army surplusWS Army Surplus came to us as a well established company with sixty years family experience in Army Surplus but with no effective and independent online prescence.

We needed to provide them with an effective and self managed solution which would over time allow them to move away from well known auction sites and manage their products directly without having to pay a third party commission.


Art Toy Marketing – Collect and Display

art toy marketingWe work with many customers in the Art Toy world and the most common problems tend to be the simplest ones to resolve.

Basically when we looked at the Collect & Display website and had a dig around in their Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts, it became clear that one of the immediate solutions to getting more traffic and making it effective was to do some basic housekeeping.

The Toy Finder – Art and Designer Toy Marketing

toyfinder-header-smallerFor a few years now we have been running a website at http://www.thetoyfinder.com – and now things have moved on we have decided the time is right to bring our worlds together and move the designer toy marketing and promotion work we do here to join our traditional web promotion and creation work.

We are extremely passionate about Art toys and Designer toys, and we believe this shows in our communications with the various people we contact and deal with. Being lucky enough to work with many talented people gives us a creative outlet that we need to focus on sometimes so that we touch that side of our brain which makes the ideas. Being involved in this world of Art Toys means we are on a mission to spread the word and educate as many people as we can…If you can spend money on that mass produced joyless lump of plastic owned by millions, why not spend it on a piece of art created by an actual artist!

Web Design Leeds

Webdesigner LeedsWe design websites, and make them work for you. The simple fact is we are lucky to really love what we do and our passion shows, our customers are our priority and delivering what they pay for is what we aim to do with every customer we deal with. We live and work in Leeds and web design for Leeds based companies is our speciality, particularly if your company is a small to medium sized business looking for business mostly in your local area.

Mobile Website – Is your website responsive ?

responsive websiteA mobile website is important. Looking at the statistics we have available for our customers websites, we are seeing between 50% – 60% of all traffic coming fromĀ  a mobile device.
Most websites will indeed work on mobile devices such as tablets and phones, but they may not be optimised for these devices so this may mean that your visitors find your website difficult to navigate or uncomfortable to use.


What is WordPress ?

wordpressPut simply WordPress is a publishing platform (A Publishing platform is a bunch of code that is created by programmers to enable us to publish our documents to the internet without having to deal with the code behind it) to enable people to easily update their own web content – if you can use a word processor then you can also use WordPress – you may need to learn some other bits and pieces to get the full benefit of word press but basically that’s it.


Copywriting Services Leeds

copywriting servicesWhen it comes to websites and getting noticed on the internet alongside all the other websites out there, then content is king….and intelligently crafted, appropriate content will always make your website stand out from the crowd and get the results you need. Becoming an expert in your field online will also bring your potential customers and existing customers back to your website for more information and updates.


I need local customers

local customersWill a website work for my business..?

The answer is fairly straightforward, are your customers looking forĀ  you on the web ? If they are (and the chances are that they are) then you should really have a website, even if it’s a very basic website consisting of simple business information and contact details. If your business provides goods or services to local customers from your premises or at your customers location then people are looking for you using one of the search engines – probably Google.