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We all know that if you are in business, the chances are you are going to need a website. Even if you don’t sell anything using eCommerce you will need a point of contact for your customers when you can’t be there. And the advantages of having a brochure advertising your services are clear. web_design_leeds

Our experience allows us to predict what your customers are searching for based on information we have learned over the past 25 years in marketing and advertising, we can predict and adapt to trends and your customers requirements as and when necessary. We also keep our eye on current trends and new technology, and if we can bring you more customers by implementing new technology such as mobile versions of your website then we will discuss this with you.

Your web design leeds needs to reflect your other marketing online and offline and we can work together with you to bring everything together and give your company  image some consistency which is reassuring for your customers.

A lot of new companies don’t really take the time to make their logo or company image as strong as it should be (usually because of cost in the early days of setting up new companies) but when you do get the finances and the time to get your image right it really is important and can make all the difference between your customer placing their business with you or your more professional looking competition.

We can optimize your web design and get you the results you need from your existing website, our belief is that time spent creating good content will give you better results over a longer period of time and that the use of products like adwords have their place but should not be relied on for all your website leads.

While we are based in Leeds and most of our Web Design Leeds customers are close to us, we can work with you remotely and we do so with a number of customers already. So if you need Web Design Leeds or elsewhere we can help.

Mobile Website Design Leeds

We work with many different customers and we treat them all on an individual basis, one thing we have learned is that every website we work on is individual and unique. From advise on your content keywords and menu structure to creating your mobile website we work with you and can either advise and enable you to manage your own website or discuss a management package and deal with your on going website requirements.

The figures on mobile device traffic to our customers websites is increasing and some of our sites are seeing 60% of their traffic come fro mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is something that is just going to continue to grow, so if your website doesnt look good on a mobile device then you really need to do something about it so that your website visitors get the best experience. It doesn’t have to be a painful process and it’s a process we can manage from start to finish for you.

mobile website design leedsMany of the websites we work on are created out of a need to create an online presence and the acknowledgement that it can take real time and expertise to make your website work the way you want it to. Our role is to take away the drudgery of the day to day management of your website and to keep on top of the changing needs for your website – and we will contact you for content and updates too make sure this happens. Our team can create writtent content and also take photos of your products and services to add to your website as well, we can also create logos and layouts for your local business website if these don’t allready exist.

Get in touch and see how we can help your business more succesful.

Web Design Leeds