WS Army Surplus came to us as a well established company with sixty years’ family experience in Army Surplus but with no effective and independent online ecommerce solution. We needed to provide them with an effective and self-managed ecommerce solution which would over time allow them to move away from well known auction sites and manage their products directly without having to pay a third party commission.With a brand new warehouse site away from the traditional city centre retail store they had established in the centre of Oxford, things were changing rapidly and they needed a website of their own which would work to their specific requirements without necessitating a permanent technical member of staff to administer the site for them.

ecommerceThe ecommerce solution we provided grew over time during many discussions back and forth between Yorkshire and Oxfordshire (which included a site visit to their premises for a few days).We constructed a simple to maintain and manage ecommerce website which they appear to be entirely happy with, although we take NOTHING for granted and we are always ready to change and adapt their website and its various components to suit their specific needs

If you want us to provide your small to medium sized business with a simple, profitable and easy to manage online ecommerce solution then click HERE to get in touch and we will help you find the perfect solution. We are based in Guiseley, West Yorkshire which is North of Leeds, but we work with customers all over the country and increasingly we now work with customers in many other countries as well. Don’t let concerns about the unknown stop you from creating your own ecommerce solution, we have helped many people at all levels to find the perfect solution and we are confident we can help you as well.

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