The short answer is NO it’s not difficult, eCommerce (Electronic Commerce) opens up the world of sales to anyone and everyone, as with anything nothing is instant and setting up an eCommerce website to work effectively takes time and patience. Pretty much anything that you can sell anywhere else, you can sell online.There are obvious cases where selling products long distance can become UN-economical and therefor not viable, but generally most products whether physical products or downloads lend themselves well to eCommerce¬†and online marketing.

Is eCommerce for me ?

eCommerce is for everyone and every business and if managed correctly can add a valuable additional revenue stream to any business. Even if you are using a website for simply generating leads and making sure people are aware of you, and not necessarily selling products, the approach needs to be effective and business like to provide the revenue your business needs. There is an entire science surrounding the psychology and understanding of selling online, but the basics are straightforward Рput your product in front of your customers and make it easy for them to buy. The process of taking orders online for your physical goods or services is now straightforward and many of the hard lessons of making mistakes selling online have been learned by others  and experiences passed on. Payments can be handled by various secure third party merchants who handle the security required to make your customers feel confident and to enable your payment stream to stay protected and secure as well.

eCommerce Security

Clearly security has to be a prime concern as there are more hackers and hacking groups appearing trying to make money from other peoples hard work. But if basic common sense precautions are put into place then your website will remain secure and protected. Nobody can guarantee that a website will never be hacked, but if the right protection is in place then it will make it harder for hackers to get in and cause problems. If we use the analogy of protecting your house with alarms and security devices in the real world, then clearly you do everything you can to prevent intrusion and damage and with luck the burglar or hacker will move on and try to find an easier target somewhere else.

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