The answer is fairly straightforward: are your customers looking for you on the web? If they are (and the chances are that they are) then you should really have a website, even if it’s a very basic website consisting of simple business information and contact details. If your business provides goods or services to local customers from your premises or at your customers’ location then people are looking for you using one of the search engines – probably Google.

The chances are if your competition already has a website of some description they may well be getting business you are missing, and be under no illusion that people don’t look around on the web and just go for the first search result – they do.

If people are looking to spend a lot of money on things like house improvements or other major investments then they will look about and do some research – this is where your website is invaluable as your customers are free to do their research at their leisure which for most people is out of working hours at home.

Your website should serve as an online permanent sales brochure, available to your prospects as and when they need the information they are looking for, with a means to contact you always available.

All of our websites are designed to be modern and responsive and work automatically on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones. We make sure all of the technology we use for your website is current and constantly updated. If we see new ideas which we think may help you generate more business we will suggest changes as they appear.

Here are some customers we work with who are attracting business locally and beyond:

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