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E-commerce – it’s a phrase that you hear a lot in business today, and more and more it’s becoming something that your customers may expect you to have.

E-commerce is how you deliver goods and services over the internet and take payment. So let’s say you sell golfing equipment for example, like our customer at Golfspin does; wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your products further afield? Even if you just want to be able to reach customers in the next town, an e-commerce website makes this so much easier. Our customer at Golfspin takes orders from his customers all over the world, who find them via the internet from various sources and place their order on the Golfspin website.

The staff at Golfspin then get notification from the website that an order has been received and that the secure payment gateway has received and confirmed the payment from the customer. If the order and the payment match up (all fraud detection and scrutiny is provided by the companies who run and manage the secure payment gateways, this is what they do and they are extremely good at it – we have been dealing with some of these companies for more than 10 years now) – then the goods are either ordered in or, if in stock, they are dispatched to the customer.

Large or small, local or international – if you produce or offer products for sale it is increasingly important to have an online shop. We provide a complete service, from design to launch. Shops can be any size, from a few products to thousands; one category to many. Lemon Promotions works with you to create your bespoke store, best suited to your products and client base.

We can offer pointers for you to find the best and most appropriate payment structures, and provide in-house training so you can retain complete control of your stock: adding or removing products, creating sales events and promoting items – however you prefer. As each e-commerce site is unique, we can only offer an accurate price when we’ve had a chance to spend time deciding – with you – what you need from us. Please use our contact form to set up a meeting or to further chat about your site.

All our web packages – large or small – include fast hosting packages, security monitoring, email and back ups, to ensure you remain available 24/7.

Yorkshire - Vintage CarsThere really is no mystery to e-commerce and we can advise the best solution for your small to medium sized business. We use a variety of e-commerce platforms and will suggest the best e-commerce software solution for your specific company requirements. The one thing we never do is suggest a “one solution fits all” answer. Our experience tells us that every customer’s requirements are unique. Every solution needs to be designed to work with your existing business.

So get in touch HERE and see how we can help with your online sales.