So you decide that your company needs a website, that’s the easy bit  – where do you go from here ? There is a few questions to ask before you get anywhere near the actual creation of a website design.

Questions to ask before thinking about your  website design:

“Can I increase business by having a website”
“Will my customers use my website”
“Is there anyway my website can make my business life easier”
“Am I just getting a website because someone else I know has one ?”

One of the main myths about websites is that once they are built that’s the job done. Well nothing could be further from the truth – creating  your  website is just the start of the journey. There will be time needed for updating your website in the future and on a regular basis. If you think of your website as an online magazine for your business, once it’s been read then it going to need updating – or people are going to stop reading it. The frequency of change doesn’t have to be that often, if daily updates are not possible (and they often aren’t for most people) then stick to weekly or monthly updates – but keep your website updating once way or another.

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