Webdesigner LeedsWe design websites, and make them work for you. The simple fact is we are lucky to really love what we do and our passion shows; our customers are our priority and delivering what they pay for is what we aim to do with every customer we deal with.

We live and work in Leeds and web design for Leeds based companies is our speciality, particularly if your company is small to medium sized and looking for business mostly in your local area.

It’s not a one stop solution when it comes to making your online presence a success – it takes a lot of hard work and commitment – and sometimes it takes a dedicated member of staff to make it work to its full potential. You need to give people a reason to come back to your website and you need to make it as important as any other form of advertising you rely on.

Yorkshire - SquirrelA lot of smaller companies do not have the time or the knowledge to maintain and run their own website, but it’s an essential part of your marketing in 2017 and needs to be dealt with one way or the other. This is where we can step in and make this happen for you and deal with the day to day administration of your website which is vital to make your website a success. We can do this a number of ways from either managing your website completely to working with you via training and advice if you have the time to help you manage your website yourself.

Our Small Business websites are all straighforward and concise, running to around 5 pages. Some local businesses, and many larger concerns with a wider reach, need more content and a more complex web presence. Lemon Promotions offers a complete bespoke service, working with you to ensure your brand has a modern, responsive website focused on yours and your customers’ needs. We provide original design, photography, copywriting and ongoing content management – all optimised for every device and browser and to rank highly in search results.

Yorkshire - Worth Valley RailwayAs with e-commerce sites, we can train you or your staff to manage your site if you wish; we can link your social media presence(s) to your site and each other, and our maintenance packages give you peace of mind knowing we monitor your site(s) daily for updates and threats. All our web packages – large or small – include fast hosting packages, security monitoring, email and back ups, to ensure you remain available 24/7.

So don’t leave a bad website to reflect on your company. We can manage your online marketing on many levels and will work with you to make your investment a success. Get in touch today to see how we can help. We are based in Leeds and offer Web Design in Leeds, but we have customers all over the United Kingdom and are very comfortable working remotely if that’s more useful to you.